10 Xanthan gum substitute for your health in 2020

Xanthan gum substitute or alternative is here. We are listed top 10 xanthan gum substitute for your kitchen or health. Mainly xanthan gum used as a thickening, filling, stabilizing with all adding ingredients. But people are to use xanthan gum substitute because it has some side effects like intestinal gas, skin irritation and more which are listed below.

Not only side effect xanthan gum has many health benefits, so don’t think it’s bad our health but, When we are cover 10 xanthan gum substitute then you have to take wring one for you. Mostly xanthan gum helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and many more.

Take a quick look about xanthan gum before cover our xanthan gum substitute list.

About xanthan gum

Polysaccharide B-1459 is an alternative name of xanthan gum and it is a natural carbohydrate made using (Xanthomonas campestris) bacteria.

So, Common sugar is the source of xanthan gum and also Xanthomonas campestris produces xanthan gum. X. campestris and then sugars are fermented with alcohol and dried form of gum.


It has a variety of food applications that’s products are below

  1. Frozen foods
  2. Fruity drinks
  3. Baked goods
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Dairy products
  6. Sauces
  7. Dry mixes Salad dressing

In gluten-free baking xanthan gum is an important ingredient and it helps baked properly goods hold together.

Xanthan gum substitute list

Now check out our main focusing topic xanthan gum substitute all are good. You can choose your preferences.

Guar Gum

Guar gum is naturally gluten-free and a good xanthan gum substitute. Basically it is powdery substance and white color. Guar gum found in East India and it is derived from a legume plant. It works well in sauces and creamy dishes because of its functions as a binder.


Chia Seeds

The flowering plant is chia in the mint family. Chia seeds are high fiber and omega 3s fatty acids. At first when you mixed with water then it’s a thick gel from ground seeds. That’s gel similar to egg whites and you can be used to help give structure to bread in gluten-free baking. baking.

You can replace one tablespoon xanthan gum to one tablespoon of chia seeds with three tablespoons of water, that ratio perfectly works with xanthan gum substitute. When you are using alternative then have to increase your baking time by 15 minutes extra.

Egg whites

I think everyone loves eggs like me. Egg whites are also used like leavening and binder agents. That means they can help them rise not only used to help bind foods together.

But you have to remember that, egg whites do not work as well with kneaded bread. The ratio is one tablespoon of xanthan gum same with one egg white. Egg whites are excellent and very workable when you choose, xanthan gum substitute.

Ground Flax Seed

Naturally, Ground flax seed came in a dark brown and golden color. Don’t forget that, the dark flax seeds make your baked goods green. Before added to the batter or dough, flax seeds should be ground. The using ratio same amount of xanthan gum.


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