Why is Blood Sugar High in the Morning?

Why is blood sugar high in the morning? most of the time Somogyi effect and its called the down effect or the down phenomenon. We are listed as the main causes and also cover what you need to do. Causes are helping you to figure out which for you.

Why is blood sugar high in the morning

It does not have any single reason but commonly bedtime high-card snacks create this problem because of the high card, not good for diabetes persons. But here are some more causing for high blood sugar in the morning.

4 Causes for high blood sugar in the morning

Somogyi Effect

low blood sugar causes
low blood sugar causes

Its also called rebound hyperglycemia, but it’s popular with Somogyi. It is the first possible cause, why is blood sugar high in the morning?

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At midnight when you are sleeping that time if your blood sugar drops, then your body will quickly release hormones to rescue you from the low blood sugar. The releasing
hormones prompting the liver to release high glucose in huge amounts, excess than usual.

This process is not well for any diabetes person, that’s why mone than necessary sugar release from the liver. It’s the normal reason why is blood sugar high in the morning.

Down Phenomenon

For producing energy our body uses sugar (glucose) and it’s having extra than enough to help wake up after night. In the morning time, the period between 3 to 8 am our body prepares to stored glucose for the upcoming day.

That time hormones releases from the body which reduces sensitivity to indulin.
But if you check between 2 to 3 am the blood sugar high to the linked dawn phenomenon and its normal.

Not Enough Medication

Some diabetes peoples are medications for lower blood sugar. Basically It makes sense to blood sugar lower medications, like metformin, insulin and etc. It produces high value in the morning.

If you are able to check blood sugar level between 2 a.m – 3 a.m you get the result hight blood sugar, not for every night, a few nights this situation came. When you did not eat a late snack or high card dinner.

Bedtime Snack or Late Dinner

why is blood sugar high in the morning
why is blood sugar high in the morning

We all know carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels. When carbohydrates of the high amount at late-night dinner can lead to hyperglycemia in the morning. Mainly bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, sweets have a high amount of carbohydrates.

So late-night snack or multiple servings meal can lead to the high glucose level in the blood through the night and especially into the morning if digestion is not good (slow).

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If you check the blood sugar level in 2-3 a.m. a few nights within range but mostly it’s a little bit higher then normal level, sometimes it’s out of range.

What you need to do for morning high blood sugar

Causes are now clear to you, but now read what should be done.

You have to talk with your doctor about this strategy before try out. But you can definitely believe our methods which give you a positive result. Medicians can approach different ways.

Before bed check blood sugar level :

Many peoples who have high blood sugar in the morning, they are acceptable blood glucose before bedtime. So if you check before bed then avoid to speel with high blood sugar take medicine or contact the doctor.

Medication Adjustment :

If in the morning your blood sugar rebound response to low-level blood sugar at your sleeping time. Then you might change the medicine which you take evening and after the evening. Talk with your doctor and re-schedule your medication for good results.

Pump adjustment :

If you use an Insulin pump and morning high blood sugar is your daily issue then you can able to adjust your pump to help moring glucose level.

Pre-bed Healthy snack :

The pre-bed healthy snack is the Somogyi effect. A healthy snack has mixed carbohydrates and protein which help your blood sugar caste roller in the night. So if you not sure how to solve pre-bed snacks into a regular diet then getting advice from any dietitian.

Physical Activity :

The whole-day physical activity helps to manage your blood sugar effectively. If you have a concern with low-level blood sugar or treated with insulin for diabetes then, you have to find out, How safely exercise before increasing physical activity.

Bottom Line

Why is blood sugar high in the morning when you know the reason then you can these steps your self to getting normal blood sugar level. But if you can’t find what’s your exact causes then Doctor will help you much better. Don’t forget to write your last test blood sugar level.

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