Top 10 abs workout at home (without equipment)

Ab workouts are not hard that it looks and really it’s important for your shape balance and core muscles. When you are not sure which ab exercises are the best for you. Then our 15 ab workout list helps you to the right way for getting a fast result.

Exercise makes you healthy, strengthful and builds strong muscles. But without watching the video, how you learn the proper way, that’s why we have listed all the workout videos below.

If you want to get abs faster then ever then, definitely to do multi and combination of workout which are below. We believe our exercise list help you to achieve faster result because both are targeted to all abdominal areas.

Top 10 abs workout at home

You have to need only 15 minutes to try out each one. But the best thing is you don’t need any equipment.

Side Situp workout

How to do: You can start with the left side, lying aside (left), try to most of the weight resting on left hip, that time make a 45-degree angle with legs in the air. For supporting purpose, place the left forearm on the flow.

From that position bend, your knees push toward chest and that time lift your chest to meet with the elbow, Which has to rest on the head. Its call one rep but you have to do 15 reps for every side.
Video clear your thinking which is above this paragraph.

  • This workout best for transverse abs and obliques.

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Leg v-up Workout

How to do: For bent leg v-up, first lying straight on the back and bent legs 90 degrees in the air. That time clasped your hands over the chest.

Next lift torso up and legs straighten, extending the arms to touch toes with the hands and for start down the lower back. Have to do 15 reps.

  • This workout best for transverse abs and six-pack abs.

Toe Reach Workout

How to do: At first lying straight on back and entended both of legs in the air to make a 45-degree angle. Both arms are straight out on the floor on each side.


Exactly that time, raise the right leg up and trying lift torso to touch toes with the right hand. And for start again return and repeat with another leg and you have to do, 15 reps.

Toe Reach workout best for transverse abs and obliques.

Leg Raise and Reach clap Workout

How to do: Starting the same with the previous one, lying on the back and make 45 degrees with legs but the arms rest on the floor (toward leg).

That’s the position, try to lift up back from the floor and raise the legs to the level of hip and clap behind knees when upper body off the floor. Return back to start again. It’s one rep and you have to do 15 reps for getting good results.

  • So, leg raises and reach clap workout good for transverse abs and six-pack abs.

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Windshield Wipers Workout

How to do: At the first sitting on the tailbone, on forearms with upper body propped up. lift legs and rotate the top right corner. Without the upper body moving, slowly with the legs make a half-circle arching up and over until the top left corner, came to hover at top.

For start again return back and it’s one rep. Windshield wipers workout good for transverse abs, obliques, and abs.

Russian Twist Workout

How to do: A situp position with your tight abs and back flat. In front of your stomach hold a med ball with your both hands and have to bend elbows for reducing a few inches distance from the chest to the med ball.

Bend knees and raise legs around 6 inches in the are and hold the leg that position. Don’t forget to keep the core tight. Touch the med ball left the side floor and return to the previous center position. Again touch the right side floor with the ball. Alternately continue to 10 times each side.

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