Sugar Pregnancy Test at Home | how the result looks

Sugar Pregnancy Test it’s really simple and easy to do at home. But you have to follow some important things before doing a sugar pregnancy test for getting accurate results.

Everything we are covered in this article, if you want to do or want to know deeply about sugar pregnancy test then you are land right page.

Before starting your test, you have to know some important information about the sugar pregnancy test. Which we listed below.

Make sure to read the whole article for better results. You don’t need any extra ingredients out of your home for the Sugar pregnancy test.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

It is a DIY way of confirming pregnancy using sugar, which is a frequent household ingredient, as well as urine. It aids in determining the existence of the pregnancy hormone called hCG.

How surge pregnancy test work?

The sugar pregnancy test is recommended for anyone who wants to try out a DIY pregnancy test since it’s secure, free, and easy to accomplish.

It’s one of the most well-known tests because it is much safer than other options, has simpler-to-read results, and has got the most accessible components.

sugar bowl
A bowl of sugar

Ingredients of Sugar Pregnancy Test

  1. Three (3) tablespoons of sugar (normal sugar)
  2. And a sterilized bowl (you can boil the bowl before use to sterilize)
  3. Your first urine after night
pure urine
Pure urine

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How to do sugar pregnancy test:

  1. In the sterilized bowl add 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  2. Now add your pure urine into the sugar bowl.
  3. And then wait for a minimum of 3-5 minutes and observe whats the reaction of sugar.
sugar pregnancy test
Sugar pregnancy test

How to read sugar pregnancy test results

  • According to theory, When you’re pregnant, the sugar will not dissolve at the bottom of the bowl as a result of high levels of HCG in your urine. It has a sort form called sugar chunk.
  • What happens if does sugar dissolve in urine? Simply that means you are not pregnant.

If the test says that you are pregnant, you need to be able to pick up the sugar from the bowl and keep it intact (try with a spoon to pick up the clump of sugar to see if it stays together).

Note: its also called clumpy sugar pregnancy test

If your test comes out positive, follow your results using an over-the-counter at-home pregnancy test or a doctor’s appointment to verify the pregnancy.

Instead of this method is using 2 tablespoons of sugar on a sterile plate and then applying a few drops of urine into it through a dropper.

  • The exact results should occur either way If the sugar clumps, it is positive. If the sugar melts, it’s negative.
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When should you do this test?

Early morning is the ideal time to take the sugar pregnancy test. As the concentration of HCG is greater in the urine of the day.

The HCG is the pregnancy hormone and it takes nearly two weeks because of its amount to increase in the urine after fertilization. It is a vital factor for confirming the pregnancy.

Reading the results of a sugar pregnancy test is simple: Once pouring your urine within the sugar, simply wait a few minutes to find out what happens.

Advocates say that you’re pregnant when the sugar clumps up. If it does not, you’re not. Just be certain that after getting your results.

How will it look like a positive result

According to this popular belief, if you’ve hCG in your urine, the sugar will not shatter like it normally would. Rather, advocates of the test say that the sugar will clump, indicating pregnancy.

So for a supposedly favorable result, you are going to notice clumps of sugar at the base of the bowl. There is no real clarification on whether these will probably be large or small clumps. But the point is, you are going to see undissolved sugar.

How will it look like a positive result

If the internet is to be considered, hCG is exceptional in its inability to dissolve in sugar. Because although urine contains a ton of other stuff more than 3,000 compoundsTrusted Source.

A lot of which change according to what you’ve consumed homemade pregnancy test taker asserts that pee from a nonpregnant person will just dissolve the sugar.

Quite simply, if you’re pregnant, the claim is that the sugar should dissolve when you pour your pee over it. You won’t find any clumps in the bowl.


Everything on earth has its own pros and cons, so does that test. Here are some of its pros and cons

Pros of test

  • It is a quick homemade pregnancy test
  • Simple to perform
  • It is benign
  • Results are easy to Comprehend

Cons of test

  • Not scientifically proven
  • Results can be false because of multiple variables
  • Results could be confusing

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Bottom Line :

Sugar pregnancy test at home it’s too popular on the Internet and YouTube, You can also go for check out the video for more help. If you have any queries about the sugar pregnancy test then comment us below this article. We will be replaying to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.


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