Best Substitute for curry powder in 2020

If you are looking best substitute for curry powder then you have come to the right place. Few things of item perfectly work as a good substitute for curry powder. Here we solve everything about curry powder like a side effect, benefits, etc and mostly substitute for curry powder.

Curry powder provides marvelous flavors in our dish, which people are loving. Our good substitute for curry powder perfectly fits in that place. If you are health conscious then its a great option.

Substitute for curry powder

When you choose your substitute for curry powder at that time keep in mind the base ingredients provide taste sensation and specific color. When you blended with semi-liquid or liquid then curry powder or mixture work much batter.

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Garam Masala

Garam masala
Garam masala

It sounds funny that curry powder is a westernized version of garam masala and the spice mix a more integral part of Indian and Pakistani dishes mostly. Garam masala

the best substitute for curry powder because the spice similar to each other and both are similar flavors.

In Indian culture, garam masala means “Hot” “Spices Mixture”. After cooked any dish garam masala applied gently. It provides an aromatic scent and preserves the strong. But its Dose not means that you can not use the same way, where you use curry powder.

Chaat Masala

Chaat masala
Chaat masala

Chaat masala is another good substitute for curry powder its also Indian spice. When you don’t have garam masala or curry powder in your kitchen then Chaat masala can solve your problems.


Chaat masala and garam masala both are driven from Indian Kitchen But both belong to worldwide. Chaat masala is a cooling spice where garam masala is spicing ingredients.

Example for use of chat masala

If your recipe asks for three teaspoons of curry powder, then you can replace it with three teaspoons of chaat masala. That means using the volume of spices is the same.

Curry paste

Curry paste is easily discerned form same name. In a second position good substitute for curry powder. Curry paste has more ingredients form curry powder which makes its difference but the name sounds the same.

In curry paste include oil and some amount extra of garlic and ginger. This combination paste gives a strong and good taste. Many people it’s like because the strongest of curry paste much high from curry powder.

Curry paste best when you are craving a curry with a strong aroma. It makes your dish exciting delicacy. If you don’t have curry powder then you will get curry paste.

What is curry powder?

Basically curry powder is a blend of many other different spices. The making process is too very simple and the main ingredients are listed below. But People are adding other ingredients in the main ingredients for getting enhance tests as they are preferences.

substitute for curry powder
substitute for curry powder

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Main ingredients

  1. Turmeric
  2. Coriander
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Cumin
  5. Fenugreek
  6. Red chiles

Other ingredients

  • Caraway
  • Cardamom (back cardamom and green cardamom)
  • Fennel seed
  • Clove
  • Cayenne powder
  • Nutmeg
  • Mustard seed
  • Long pepper
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Asafoetida

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