KFC original recipe chicken drumstick on 2020

KFC original recipe chicken drumstick not harder, easy to do but a little bit of time taking recipe around 1 hour. Stop doing the wrong way 2020 version is fresh and more enhance test, save your time and easy to cook simple steps. Here we are cover KFC original recipe chicken drumstick and nutrition information with calories and others.

Kids to man every age’s people like KFC all time, everyone mostly likes the crunch ness. But it is not possible to go out and eat all the time. That’s why we are showing the best, easy way to make KFC original recipe chicken drumstick.

Some people think about nutrition and calories of KFC original recipe chicken drumstick, So we are also cover this part, which maybe helps you for your kids.

KFC original recipe chicken drumstick

The best thing is you can change or add a bit of more ingredients to level up the test when you cook or make at home. Don’t worry we are not compromising the real test.

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kfc original recipe chicken drumstick
kfc original recipe chicken drumstick

Ingredients which you need

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How to make KFC original recipe chicken drumstick

We divided it into three sections for your butter understanding. The first section about Preparation, second is marinated the chicken and last is making means how to fried chicken drumstick.


  1. Take a middle size bowl and pour buttermilk, If you can not use buttermilk then add 4 tablespoons curd and pour 1 cup of water into the bowl.
    • Mix it well after adding salt 1/4 teaspoon salt. When the mix was done to check the test salt is enough or not add more if need (as per your test).
  2. Now came to chicken which is the main ingredient of our recipes. Wash with normal water and drain out all excess water from chicken.
    • Next, add chicken into the buttermilk and refrigerate for around 4-5 hours. This process makes chicken softness.
  3. After the period takes out form the refrigerator and drains the buttermilk.

How to Marinate fo KFC original recipe chicken drumstick

Add ginger-garlic paste (recommended) or ginger garlic powder, red chili powder, pepper powder, and seasoning spice powder. Then add beat as egg pours into the bowl and cornflour.

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After adding all ingredients mix well with chicken and set aside for 45 minutes to butter result.

Next, take each of chicken pieces and roll in the bread crumbs or you can pour bread crumbs over then mix.

kfc original recipe chicken
KFC original chicken

How to crispy fried drumstick

Head up to a dip bottom pan after pour oil for frying.

After a few times check the oil is hot enough, to drop a small drop of mixture for checking hotness. If the small mixture drop rises without browning then the hot or temperature is right and enough.

Drop the chicken pieces one by one into the oil.

Fry all’s till to golden color on medium heat. Remember if the heat too high then before cooked inside its gets browned, so check to medium heat for the best result.

After Fried golden serve with ketchup or anything else.

Nutrition of these recipes

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Bottom line

KFC original recipe chicken drumstick is now easy for you and tries anytime when getting free time or cook for kids or yourself. But after made don’t forget to tell us 2 lines about KFC original recipe chicken drumstick. Also, you can ask your queries in the comment section, thank you for reading.

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