4 Ways How to thin nail polish at Home?

Nail polish is the most high maintenance beauty product because it easily becomes goopy and thick. If you looking to know how to thin nail polish then you can right place.

No one can throw away their nail polish without full use, Almost all girls like to collect nail polish for longer use. If you don’t know how to thin nail polish then how to collect it. Because old nail polish dries out most of the time. These simple strategies can solve your problem.

Not only thin strategy also you get deep knowledge about, how to store nail polish to prevent it from dry, how to clean nail polish, and more about nail polish. You can get to clean all your queries about nail polish.

How to thin nail polish

how to thin nail polish
How to thin nail polish

It’s really so simple, Once done, every strategy will be easily remembered. These are absolutely homemade methods that you can easily try right now.

4 Ways How to thin nail polish at Home

1.Use warm water to give it some heat

This strategy really easiest only warm water can make your old nail polish to thin. How to do it properly? just closed the nail polish bottle and follow the below steps.

  • Take a medium-size bowl of hot water.
  • Put the nail polish into the running hot water and rotating slowly for up to two minutes.
  • Pick it up from the bowl and wait just a few minutes to reduce the heat.
  • Then immediately take it between your palms and roll it to mix up the bottle’s contents.

Note: Remember don’t shake the nail polish bottle, otherwise it can be damage the quality and made air bubbles.

After doing this if the nail polish still thick then you should repeat the method again. Even if it is not thin after repeat the methods then move to the next tip.

nail polish

2. How to thin nail polish with alcohol

Its also be a good and easy strategy which you can try. For doing this you need to have a very steady hand to put a few drops or an eyedropper or a dropper which makes your work easier.

  • Put directly into the bottle a few drops of 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol (make sure 91% alcohol and only a few drops 3-4).
  • After putting it inside, don’t place the brush just sealed the bottle (with your finger) and roll it gently forth and back.
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Note: Be careful don’t shake the bottle, just roll slowly to get your nail polish back to use condition.

If you don’t have 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol then let’s see how to thin nail polish with acetone on our next method.

3. How to thin nail polish with nail polish remover

When you use nail polish then definitely you have any nail polish remover. It’s also a good way to restore your sticky nail polish. So if you think Can nail polish remover be used to thin nail polish? Then the answer is yes.

  • Use an eyedropper to easily pour 2-3 drops inside the bottle.
  • Closed the lid and roll between your palms to mix well.

Now check the thickness of nail polish if it does not flow smoothly from the brush then add some drops again to thin more. It definitely works but when you don’t have nail polish remover then skip to the next methods.

4. How to thin nail polish with acetone

If you have pure acetone then it’s the best way to thin your nail polish like new. A single drop of pure acetone can do your work. Use a maximum of 2 drops not more than it.

How to store nail polish for longer use

How to store nail polish
  • Always try to keep nail polish in a dry and cool place like a drawer.
  • After using nail polish, wipe the neck of the bottle with acetone soaked cotton ball just before closing the lid. (it also helps you to open the bottle next time.)
  • Do not keep nail polish close to any heat source or direct sunlight.
  • Stop keeping nail polish in the bathroom because the bathroom’s temperature is fluctuating and humidity is not good for any nail polish.
  • Don’t leave the nail polish cap longer, air is the top reason for thickening.

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Bottom Line

Almost every nail polish stay for two years, it depends on the brand, Don’t forget to check the expiration date of your nail polish. Now you have all knowledge how to thin nail polish just try now your suitable one.


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