10 way How to remove dead skin from feet

How to remove dead skin from feet? The biggest culprits the lack of moisture for dead skin. But here we reveal important tips to remove dead skin from feet. So this article undoubtedly helpfully for those people who want to remove dead skin from feet.

This problem is normal in the winter season when people are queries to know how to remove dead skin from feet. But before the solution we have to know, what’s the reason for feet dead skin. Because when you know the reason, then you can stop before came the dead skin on your feet.

How to remove dead skin from feet

Causes of dead skin on the feet

When your feet constantly block in socks or shoes or running friction or walking friction then dead skin came easily because of those times your feet, not moisture enough to stop dead skin. Here we found some causes which maybe you have.

How to remove dead skin from feet
How to remove dead skin from feet

Certain Cleansers

Many shower gels and soaps contain have harsh chemicals that are not able to moisture our foot skin. Hopefully, you know how different has in between feet skin and other skin.

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Heavy weight people

These causes for overweight people, their feet carry extra weight, and also the circulation system is not healthy.


The biggest and also the common reason is shoes. Because when we use same pair of footwear which can lead to constant rubbing and make dry skin. But if you ware sandals that can able to leave foot skin-drying elements grime and dirt.

Standing Frequently

People who often have to walk or stand all day have more dry foot skin than normal people who don’t. Because all day the feet are pressure and rubbing constantly which can make one place dead skin cells.

Few Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions like, cancer, psoriasis, and the Athlete’s foot are the cause of dry skin on the feet.

Now courses are clear but how to remove dead skin from feet 10 tips help which listed below.

10 way How to remove dead skin from feet

If you have super dry skin and you can not perfectly remove, these powerful tips definitely help you to get a positive result. But before get you to have to follow each tip gently.

How use Lemon Juice

lemon juice
Lemon juice

The high amount of citric acid can break down dead skin patches and this amount of citric acid easily provided Lemon. Not only that, but lemon also moisturizes our skin through potassium contains. Now let’s see, how we need to use lemon perfect way to get the best result.

How to use
  • To remove the dead skin you have to adds two ingredients scrub and sugar into the lemon juice.
  • After added make a mixture and rough your feet dead skin area.
  • Wait for 2-5 minutes after sloughing and take some warm water and clean that area. Repeat it 3-5 times a week.

If you have any skin cracks then avoid this method because of the citric acid mixture to painful cracks areas.


Pumice Stone

Pumice stone mostly popular for foot care tools and lost peoples are getting good results with it. For the dead skin scrubbing small pieces of porous rock are perfect works without any side-effect. But be sure proper way to scrub your feet and take care of your pumice stone.

Pumice Stone

Use Vinegar

For thousands of years, vinegar has been using as a natural remedies treatment. Vinegar is the most popular in foot dry skin. Just simple steps you have to do mix vinegar and water equal ration and put your feet up to 15-20 minutes and next rinse with water (warm water best).

Vinegar can help you one more way. To help of a cotton boll apply vinegar directly and cover with a bandage whole night. Be sure to apply gently don’t touch the surrounding skin. Because vinegar is a natural acid.

You can use any vinegar but we are recommended apply cider vinegar works a little bit better.


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Paraffin Wax Treatment

The miracle softener is paraffin wax which mostly uses in the spa. The intensity of paraffin wax is very clear, remove dry skin and moisturizing skin very well. Basically when you put your feet into melted warm paraffin wax then it naturally moisturizes the skin and open skin pores.

It also pulls the dead skin cells away with it when the cooled wax pulled off. Easily you can go to your near spa for paraffin wax treatment or you can try your self at home, which one of the best methods for removing dead skin from feet.

Hydrating Foot Scrub

Gently foot scrubs can help to hydrate dry feet skin. And the scrubs contain moisturizing super fast like magic. Mostly nourishing ingredients, like spices, certain oils, and fruits. You have to try at once for smooth feet.

Aspirin Eliminates the Dry Foot Situation

How to remove dead skin from feet
Aspirin Tablets

Aspirin is mostly used for Headaches, but it’s also workable for the dry foot. It’s effectively able to break down dead skin of feet and calluses. You have to make an aspirin paste for that.

How to make Aspirin paste
  • Take 6 aspirin tablets and crush into powder form and add into 1/4 teaspoons of water with 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. (easy you can get aspirin tablets at the medical store)
  • Mix 3 ingredients and make a paste. Now the question is how to apply on feet?
How to apply Aspirin paste on feet

Only spread the aspirin paste onto the affected areas on feet or other skin areas. After spread, take a plastic bag and cover that area and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that time uncover and rinse with water that area, use cold water for the rinse.

Repeat it 2 days in a week. We hope we get result very soon.


Use crushed banana to nourish your feet

The high amount of potassium is easily able to super hydrate to your cracked and dry skin. Surprisingly the banana main contain is it. So banana which make our breakfast complete that banana help us to remove dead skin from feet.

How to use Crushed Banana

You have to make banana tick paste with crush an overripe banana and apply your feet area. After apply wait around 15-20 minutes and use warm water to rinse.

Repeat it every day at once we hope after 15 days you get good result from it

Use Foot Peel or Foot Cream

If we talking about foot cream then many good foot crams are available into market and those can really work very well to remove dead skin from feet. So we are highly recomended Amlactin foot crem.

Amlactin foot cream has ammonium hydroxide, potassium, sodium and lactic acid contents. If you want to getting fast result then foot cream is the best choice.

Use Glycerin to remove dead skin from feet

As a pharmaceutical products Glycerin use world wide for moisturizer. Glycerin is basically sugar alcohol. Mostly it’s added into our shaving cream, hair products, soaps, lotions, etc. Glycerin effectively help to maintaining the softness better then ever.

How you can use Glycerin on feet

Just directly apply glycerin on your dry feet and leave around 15-20 minutes then wash with warm water. Repeated 3-5 days in a week and once time in a day.

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