How to pop your ears 5 ways|How to prevent ears pop

The human body maintains an air pressure balance with the help of both side eardrums. If this air pressure changes outside and middle ear, then you feel your ears are blocked and to fix it you have to know how to pop your ears.

Here we guide you to pop your ears with some workable methods, you can choose your suitable method from this guide. But it depends on the air pressure changing the amount and you will experience some pain.

Usually, our ears are clogged when air pressure changes (while we are flying on a plane) or if we have a cold. But sometimes plugged ears feeling a little bit painful. Don’t worry more, Let’s look ahead to How to pop your ears.

How to pop your ears 7 Effective ways

how to pop your ears

You can get many methods on the Internet but here we have listed 5 best workable methods which can firstly give you results. You can choose the suitable one for you form it. Doctors are mostly recommended of these methods to do.

1. The Valsalva maneuver

Pinching the nose, shut and trying to exhale is a method and this method has an official name that is The Valsalva maneuver. But you have to do this correctly.

Sometimes People are wrongly doing this method. They are as hard blows as they can, pushing as much as possible air through the head.

  • Our ears do not handle so many air pressures at one time. That’s why it increases the potential of eardrums rupturing.

But how the Valsalva maneuver uses effectively, here is the correct way to pop your ears. At pinch your nose and push slowly through a long breath. You have to make sure not too much air forced.

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2. Frenzel maneuver

Frenzel maneuver is a good and safe method to make your ears pop. Frenzel maneuver is easy to perform, just pinch your nose shut, and try to make a clicking sound with the help of tongue. When you did it correctly, it creates some forced air into the middle ear.

If you are not able to do it correctly, don’t worry skip to the next one. Yea it’s true Frenzel maneuver is a little bit harder to master on it. Its give you quick result, Air force pilots and professional drivers are mostly use this method to quickly regulate the air pressure.

3. How to apply a warm washcloth

It’s not a hard method, you can use a heating pad or a warm washcloth. Just holding sometimes against your ear and it really helps to open the Eustachian tube and eliminate congestion. If you have clogged ears then you get effective results, you should try at once.

4. How swallow makes your ears pop

Actually swallow can activate the muscles which open the eustachian tube. sucking hard candy or sipping some water can help to increase swallow. Always carry water to prevent plugged ears.

5. Toynbee maneuver

Toynbee maneuver is also a good and easiest method which you can do anywhere. But one condition you need some water.

At first take mouthful water and close mouth, pinch the nose closed then try swallowing. Most of the time its work

6. Help of Chewing gum

Now you think about how chewing gum help with it. Actually chewing gum is stimulated saliva production which’s why it helps to increase swallowing.

  • So don’t forget to take chewing gum when you entered any air pressure situation.

7. Ventilation tubes

It’s a surgical technique and most of the time doctors recommend reducing pressure and eliminate pain. To drain out excess fluid, the doctor will administer with local anesthesia, and they will insert pressure equalizing tubes in one or both ears.

The doctor performed usually their clinic or done in a hospital. This process takes only ten minutes. After around one or two years ventilation tubes fall out on their own.

Are you know why ears get plugged during a flight?

why ears get plugged during a flight

You can blame the Eustachian tubes, actually, the middle ear connects with little passages and with the nose’s backside and throat. When air moves through the Eustachian tubes, always try to keep the air pressure equal on both side’s eardrums.

But when it sudden change, the tubes can’t open wide for moves the air. Then we can be feeling some pressure on the ears. So it’s the simple reason for ears are plugged or blocked during flight landing or takeoff.

Bottom Line

These 7 methods How to pop your ears safely hope these methods will help you lots. If these strategies not pop your ears then you should see a doctor, and also if clogged ears are discomfort or painful.

Very rare, Surgery required to open the eardrum and equalize the ear pressure. Usually, doctors suggest steroids to clear the ears. But these 7 strategies how to pop your ears can do your work.

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