How to make yourself Cry 9 simple hack 2020

how to make yourself cry without reason, it sounds easy but a little bit difficult, but some people mostly girls who can do it very easily at any time. Here we are showing the best way how to make yourself cry. When someone crying alone then she/he getting sympathy.

how to make yourself cry

how to make yourself cry
how to make yourself cry

Top 10 ways to make yourself cry

Think saddest memories

Just calm down and close your eye. Then try to go you past time which time you faced saddest time ever. Try to feel that time, if you have an option to play any sad song then it helps to make yourself cry. Some make the sad awareness, That particular time try to cry, I hope you will definitely do.

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Without Blinking open your eyes

Its hear some awkward but its really working methods. Our eyes always blinking for your eyes protection. But you open without blinking forcefully

, then you face some stress and naturally water came out from eyes surface. It looks real, and every people can do.

Use eyedrops

eye drop
Eye drop

If you have some time to use the eye drops then I think its the best easy way to make your self cry. Basically normal eyedrop’s don’t have side effect so you definitely use it. After use, it’s giving small time to cry out.

Good Practice

Cry also an art, But you will do after good practices. If you looking any seasoned actors or actress they can probably cry without any help like an eye drop. The reason is only practice, they have spent a lot of time to do this. Just practice your free time to make yourself cry at any moment.


Chili or Peppers

Hot peppers definitely help you but it’s a little bit painful, if you are kids then our recommendation is skipped this method for your safety and if you are adult then we think its the easiest method ever. Two ways you can use Peppers for how to make yourself cry but every chili helps you. You need Thai chili or jalapeno chili, habanero chili both are perfect for this work, now let’s see how you will do.

Eating method

Before your cry time just take a small bite. After bite release the juice of the pepper inside your mouth, that time to make yourself cry.

Rubbing method

Its tricky and easy method, because you don’t have to take any bite, Slice the pepper and run you’re any finger inside the chili, where the juice. When juice staying on your finger, now just rub around your eyes, then you will see how effective it is.

Don’t rub fingers into your eyes others wise you will need special care.

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Menthol Effect

yourself cry
Yourself cry

You can buy menthol in the online or offline market (as you prefer). Nature of menthol causes your eyes to water instantly but you need to careful of using time.

You will start dabbing some product into any handkerchief or tissue which is to be your person. And try to product solution towards several side or corner of the tissue which you can easily to get close.

Now, when you need to make yourself cry, Starting with your expressions of emotion. After that use that tissue and rub just below the eyes. Take remember not residue into the eyes.

Bite you own lip

It really sounds funny but it’s another workable method. But if bite only your lips then you can’t be starting cry. Bite the lips help you that time when you try to not sleep, change you thinking right now, focus on your work. Not end here its lips section, when you bite you’re grinding the sensitive tissue or cheek between your teeth then you will definitely be to cry.

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Onion cutting time

Don’t forget onion has the power to cry anyone its sounds funny but it’s true. Inside of onion has Amino acids sulfoxides. The time of cutting the onion that moment amino acid effect in with your eyes and water cames out form eyes. If the acid not going into your eyes then you will not cry.

Bottom Line

how to make yourself cry when you need or want? I hope our list helps you to get some wonderful ideas for how to make yourself cry. We believe cry is an art so you have done time for parties for butter results. If you have any other idea then please tell us in a comment on how to make yourself cry.


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