10 Symptoms How to know If you have Diabetes

How to know if you have diabetes or not, these 10 symptoms help you to know the correct result. Diabetes is the main causes of higher levels blood sugar. Worldwide more than 423 million people have diabetes which is claim by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the only into the U.S. more than 30 million people having it, but surprisingly 25% of peoples don’t know they having diabetes.

There are three types of diabetes are present in between us. Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational diabetes. More than 84 million American’s people having pre-diabetes and only 10% of people know about their diabetes problems. 90% of peoples don’t know they having it, so how to know if you have Diabetes, here we are help you to know from 10 symptom which are really workable.

How to Know If You Have Diabetes

How many types of Diabetes

3 types of diabetes are present in the World, both are diabetes but their treatments are not the same. A single blood test will detect all these diabetes very easily. Let’s see to know, what are the changes between of these and which is too harmful for us.

Type 1 Diabetes

Around 5% of diabetes is type 1 and for this type, diabetes is an autoimmune disease where insulin-making precess stops by your body. This type of diabetes is especially common in teenagers and children and that’s why people also called Juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes

All over the World most of all people having type 2 diabetes, which also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes and which is around 90%. Only insulin can help to keep their blood sugar level stable. This Diabetes is especially common in after 35 age peoples.

This type of person is able to produce their own insulin but sometimes it’s not enough for health. Some time insulin will try to open their body’s cells to enter glucose. If the cells won’t open then it’s called Insulin Resistance.

Gestational Diabetes

Usually, Gestation diabetes occurs in pregnant women, but after giving birth normally it goes away. According to NIDDK sometimes it can increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes but the chances are very low.

10 symptoms to know if you have diabetes?

These 10 syndromes help you to know about diabetes. If you follow these symptom a little more carefully, you will see the results very soon.

1. All the time feeling thirsty

Diabetes people often always feel too thirsty and the mouth is always very dry. If they drink much of water, that feeling can continue without change. Try to find out if you having this symptom.

2. Drowsy or tired feeling

Fellings of drowsy or tiredness came after done hard-worked or if you not complete enough sleep. But it’s a symptom of diabetes. If this feeling does not go away after getting enough sleep or rest, it may be a bad sign of diabetes. Of course, you need to see a Doctor.

3. Weight gain or weight loss fastly

The type one diabetes people mostly effected with this problems, they are experience rapid weight gain or weight loss issues. So it is the big symptom which help you to know diabetes.

4. Longer to heal

Blood sugar patients take longer to heal when the body is cut somewhere. And also the lot’s of blood flow came out. That situation patients should be visit doctors as soon as possible.

5. Blurred vision Experience

We all are know, blurred vision is a sign when new glasses needing. But not all time

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