How to keep feet warm with poor circulation

How to keep feet warm with poor circulation and also we are discussing the causes of poor circulation that you need to know. Our effective ways definitely help you to keep your feet warm with poor circulation.

Very commonly arms and legs are affected by this poor circulation problem. Oxygen, nutrients, and blood throughout our body by this circulation system. Poor circulation can be very deadly and it should not be neglected.

How to keep feet warm with poor circulation

What is Poor Circulation?

If one or more parts of our body receive inadequate flow that situation call Poor Blood circulation. Mostly those people who experienced poor blood circulation problems have peripheral arterial disease, which makes a high chance of any serious foot problems.

How to keep feet warm with poor circulation
How to keep feet warm with poor circulation

You can experience poor circulation symptoms if our body reduces the blood flow to a specific part. Many several health conditions issues lead to this poor blood circulation in the feet and hands.

But PVD is another most common cause of poor blood circulation. Peripheral vascular disease is a that condition when restricts the normal blood flow from the heart.

Not only that PVD also responsible for the condition of severe leg swelling, varicose veins, skin discoloration, etc.

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So the life-supporting blood throughout in our body delivers by the circulation and its allows our body to move, our brain to perform and our heart to beat.

The symptoms initially appear in the hands, legs, and feet when our natural blood circulation not working properly.

Diabetes, obesity, heart conditions and arterial issues are the most common causes.

Causes of cold feet with Poor blood circulation

How to keep feet warm with poor circulation
Poor blood circulation causes

1. Peripheral Nephropathy Diabetic

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a form of nerve damage and is also a common cause of the cold feet and hands. Over time around 65-75% of diabetes people are effected after developing neuropathy form.

Sensitivity to touch, burning, tingling, etc are the symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. For this after having warm feet feels too cold. These symptoms mostly worsen at night time.

2. Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins
Varicose Veins

The cause of enlarged veins are Varicose veins which come from valve failure. Mostly people are getting varicose veins on their back of the legs.

The damaged veins are not able to move blood properly as compare to normal veins. It may become a problem with poor circulation. In rare cases, varicose veins can responsible for blood clots.

Mostly our genes determine where needs to develop varicose veins. Women develop them more likely from any overweight people.

3. Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease is circulatory condition that can lead to poor circulation in legs. The causes are arteries and narrowing of the blood vessels.

PAD is occur in younger people, but its common in adults who’s age over 50. Smoke are the developing PAD early in life.

The major blood vessels are carotid arteries that deliver blood to our brain. Sometimes the chances of a heart attack increase when plaque buildup takes place in the arteries.


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4. Tobacco products

Tobacco products

Smoking of tobacco products can increase the risk of developing conditions, which also a cause of poor circulation. Tobacco also damages the blood vessels’ walls and interferes with blood flow.

These increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease. So maintain the distance form tobacco if it possible.

5. Certain Medications

We want to talk particularly those which can cause blood vessels to constrict, as result in cold feet. The popular medications associated treat with cold feet like blood pressure, head colds, migraine headaches, etc.

After starting some medication if you experience cold feet problems then you have to talk with your doctor.

6. Extra Weight

Extra Weight

Heavy or extra weight also gives you problems, when you are standing or sitting for some hours may lead to poor circulation problems.

Including blood vessel and varicose veins problems overweight also puts increased the chances of other circulation.

7. Blood clots

Blood clots block the blood flow, either entirely or partially. And it can develop anywhere in our body. When blood clot develops in our legs or arms, it can lead to poop circulation.

The blood clots can be painful and also can be dangerous. A blood clot can travel into our bodies, including lungs. The results may be serious, like a stock, if a blood clot anywhere breaks and it travels to the heart

8. Phenomenon or Raynaud’s disease

In the USA 5% of the population is affected by the Phenomenon. When the small arteries in your toes and hands narrow it’s called Raynaud’s disease or phenomenon.

Narrowed arteries not able to moving blood in our system, so you are getting poor circulation problems from it. The symptoms are When you are feeling unusually stressed or in cold temperatures.

Also, other areas affected like besides fingers and toes and some people have in their nipples, ears, lips, and nose. Mostly women are more develop Phenomenon disease.


How to Keep Feet Warm with poor Circulation

Here we can list some best ways which you can easily try out. Choose your best way to keep your feet warm with poor circulation.

Self Massage

self massage
Self Massage

The best way is massage, Everyday body massage helps you to improve blood flow in our system. If you give a couple of minutes that also helps you.

After getting up in the morning doing this instantly enhance our body circulation and also relieve stiff muscles.

Not only self-massage, but physical massage also helps to a better connection with enhanced body awareness and ourselves. After wake up, massage the feet with thumbs.

Heating water bottles or Pads

To warm your cold feet, a heating pad or a hot water bottle really gives good results. At bedtime, cold feet really trouble sleep, that time heating pads easily warm your feet.

Stay active

stay active
stay active

Physical activity always increases the blood flow and warms your body. When you feeling cold or in poor circulation then take some physical activity like run or walk or jumping jacks, etc. Not only that, also boost energy and feel a better mood.

Live comfortable temperature

It depends from people to people. But try to maintain the room temperature which is considered around 20-28 degrees Celsius for good blood flow temperature.

Slippers and Socks

slippers and socks
Slippers and Socks

When people suffering from cold feet then always use socks while indoors. If you don’t have heated floors then wear insulated slippers.

Try to covered your feet to warm for proper blood flow and prevent poor circulation. Try to wear good shoes like sheepskin lining or faux fur.

Daily check your feet

Take some special care, check every day any new changes are coming or not like, cuts, blisters, etc. When you notice anything then take action to cure that thing.

If it is not possible for you to cure it and it continues to grow, it is very important to see a doctor. Keep your feet clean, elevate, dry, and covered.

Best socks for cold feet

After doing some researches, we are getting some very good socks which help us to keep our feet warm with poor circulation. So make sure to check our socks list.

Jointop Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip Socks with Grips

Jointop Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip Socks with Grips
Jointop Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip Socks with Grips

These socks using combed cotton which more soft and better than normal cotton. It keeps your feet warm and comfortable. It is anti-slip because it came with grips and elastic strap features.

Almost all sizes are available us -5-11 and you will get 2 pairs inside the package of five-toe socks. Its highly recommended for yoga, Bikram, kickboxing, pilates, ballet dance, etc.

Jointop Yoga Socks can be washed in the machine in a normal way. Even after washing many times, it remains the same grip with good elasticity. You have to check at once when you don’t want to buy.

MORECOO Woolen Thumb Socks 

MORECOO Woolen Thumb Socks
MORECOO Woolen Thumb Socks

Wool always better to fast warm which no other fabric can do. Not only this but it also moisture skin with good temperature control. Keep your feet relaxed and order-free.

MOROCCO women’s winter socks are warm with 29% cotton, 35% soft wool, and 36% polyester. Keep your feet warm, awesome cozy, fresh and dry, and breathability.

You get 5 pairs of thick knit wool cotton socks inside the package, with various colors which women’s are mostly to keep good collocation. It’s really good colorful wool socks to keep your feet care.

Heat Holders-Non Skid Ankle Slipper Socks

Heat Holders-Non Skid Ankle Slipper Socks
Heat Holders-Non Skid Ankle Slipper Socks

These socks’ contents are 91% Acrylic, 3% Polyester, 5% polyamide, and only 1% Elastane. Heat holders shorter ankle-length, anti-slip grip with warmth. All sizes are available US 5-9 and UK 4-8.

Keeping your feet warmer for longer and it feels sensationally soft. It can be wash in a machine. It perfectly gives well grip on the normal floor, wooden floors, and also any slippy surfaces.

Bottom Line

How to keep your feet warm with poor circulation and the winter season? Now easier to treat this condition. If you not getting comfortable with these, then immediately take a doctor’s treatment. Most doctors suggest develop life-threatening complications, but some people require amputation.

Poor circulation is always treatable if the lead condition is caught earlier. If you untreated your poor circulation it may increase the lifetime risk, likes stroke or heart attacks.

Always stay touch in with your doctor if circulation with your normal problems. Take the right treatment at right time for a good life.


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