8 Best ways to Increase stomach acid Naturally

A high amount of stomach acid helps to digest smoothly and Here I guide you naturally How to increase stomach acid following some effective ways. When you have to make a healthy diet with lifestyle then have to increase stomach acid.

Some symptoms are clear that you have low stomach acid and you need to increase stomach acid or hydrochloric acid (HCL) for a healthy life.

Nausea shortly after eaten or excessive gas, heartburn, burping are the symptoms of lo low stomach acid and also sign to increase stomach acid.

A good amount of hydrochloric acid has several benefits like kill viruses that enter the food, parasites, bacteria, and also start protein digestion and it can able to reduce carbohydrates.

How to increase stomach acid or hydrochloric acid (HLC)

10 simple methods you can follow which are written down below and we ensure you these methods are highly recommended by Doctors and all are workable.

But before going to methods, you have known a little bit more about low stomach acid causes and how hydrochloric acid works. Because these Informations also helps you a lot in your futures stomach problems.

stomach acid

What does stomach Acid do in our system?

Hydrochloric acid or stomach acid is a necessary part of the digestive process. It helps us to digest our food and also defenses against parasites, pathogens, bacteria, etc.

After eat when our body will be relaxed, that time hydrochloric acid releases into the stomach to breaks down all fats into fatty acids, all proteins into amino acids, and carbohydrates into glucose. Our body can get all nutrients from the food if this breakdown process done properly.

All most everyone thinks they have enough hydrochloric acid but still, it’s not. Around 90% of Americans have low stomach acid problems. Check all symptoms of low stomach acid.

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8 WAYS to Increase Stomach Acid or Hydrochloric Acid

Here are the most effective ways we found after hard research to increase stomach acid naturally and safely. All methods are highly workable you have to choose a minimum of 2-4 ways which are easy for you or you can also try all together for fast results.

how to increase stomach acid

1. Eat Real salt and Real Foods

Eating real salt and real foods are the best way to increase hydrochloric acid in our system. You should eat good quality sea salt, we always recommend Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt which stimulates HCL acid production and magnesium and important healthy minerals.

Avoid fast foods, dyes, artificial flavorings, and all nutrition devoid foods as much as you can. Also, need to eliminate refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, white flour and do not overeating.


Hight amount of minerals and vitamins (especially vitamins B most important) helps to increase HCL production. That’s why you have to choose multivitamin foods which include good amounts of minerals and vitamin B. You can try pyridoxal 5 phosphate, niacin, and thiamine which are good sources of vitamin B6.


Proper combining food create pressure on our digest system. The protein always requires stomach acid to be digested and carbohydrates always reduce HCL production. So it’s too important that, don’t eat carbohydrates and proteins together. You can pair low starch vegetables with protein.

To better digest the animal protein, it is best to soak it in lemon juice, or tomato juice, or apple cider vinegar, or lime juice or etc. When you eat proteins try to eat always good fats. The liver also needed good fats to produce bile.

You can eat vegetables with carbohydrates but not eat fruit with meals always eat fruit alone. Eat dandelion greens if it possible because of greens a good helper of HCL production. Don’t forget to consider the spices which are uses in your cooking.

4. Avoid Eating Before Sleep

Food should be eaten 2-3 hours before bedtime. Because when we eat too late our body cannot complete digestion in that short time. After eating immediately don’t lie.
But if you have to lie then use pillows to raise the upper body which helps to complete digestion. At your meals, time avoids snacking for proper food digestion.

5. Take Manuka Honey

The Manuka honey has antimicrobial, and it’s able to fight with microbial overgrowth into our stomach. New Zealand is the main source of manuka honey. It also increases the growth of good bacteria in our gut and its really helpful.

Manuka honey has a good test and some extra carbs which help you to sleep well. That’s why our recommendation is taking just a teaspoon after dinner and before sleep.

6. Bitter Herbs How important

For your kind information, ginger is a very good digestive stimulant. Bitter herbs like hops, dandelion root, globe artichoke are some most effective and safe herbs of gastric acid.

It’s the best quality herbalist because it effectively works in tincture form. When you get only the dried herbs then you should take one cup warm water and add 1 teaspoon (1teaspoon per cup). But only drink a half cup within 20 minutes of your meals.

7. Lemon or Apple cider vinegar

These truly so help and powerful, in very short time its able to make your stomach acidify environment. We think these are best which you can shipped before your meal or with your meals.

Lemon juice or apple cider vingar both are so acidic and in the long time drink, they will be damage the teeth’s enamel. You have to sip them through a straw to minimise this problem. Take a small glass of water and add 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

8. Mealtimes Relaxation

When you eat your meals, make sure you are peace and relax. And when you emotional upset or upset as stress, avoid eating because these condition stop the production of Hidrocloric Acid.

You should try some methods to relaxation at your meals time and some technichs helps your to calm at your meal time.

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