How to get something out of your eye, easy and 5 Best way

How to get something out of your eye easily do with following our safety methods. It does not matter where are you and what are you doing any of the time you face this problem. If any particles or any chemical get in your eye, what you have to do?

Here we have listed the best methods which doctors suggest to do that emergency time. After reading this article clear everything about how to get something out of your eye.

The eye is one of the sensitive organs of your body so you need to care for good condition. We are recommended to check your Eye by Doctor minimum one time of a Year if, Eye has the normal condition.

If you have any glasses form doctors recommended then please wear as much possible in a day.

How to get something out of your eye

When dust or any kind of particle or eyelash fall into your eye. Then need to follow these safety steps for removing and protect the eye gently.

Random Blinking

Randomly blink your eye around one minute’s minimum to see if the particle will come out own or not. If not that try these listed methods, which definitely help you for removing safely.


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Solution for a wash.

Use eye solution to wash the eye. The solution is easily available at any medical store or online which is truly useful for dislodging anything form the eye. For using solutions to best methods are available, one is a direct method and second is the indirect method.

  • Direct method: Tilt your head back and drop the solution from the bottle directly into the affected eye.
  • Indirect method: Use the eyecup for a solution, first filling eye cup with the solution then cover the eye through that cup and tilt head back.
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Rinse the eye

how to get something out of your eye
how to get something out of your eye

Use water to rinse the eye, Take a cup or bowl of cool and fresh water. Next splash water inside the open eye (don’t close eye when splashing water). Or you can also place your face or eye under any tap or gently pouring faucet to rinse well.

Clean cloth’s corner or cotton swab

In this method take a corner of a clean cloth or cotton swab or earbud and place behind the upper eyelid. Then pinch gently your upper eyelid by your hand and try to lift to up from the lower eyelid.

Behind the eyelid slowly move or roll the cloth or cotton swab. After doing remove cloth and check you feel good or not. If you can’t understand particle remove or not. Then you can check the using corner of the cloth or cotton swab.

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Take help from friends or family

In case if you can’t see the mirror or can’t remove particle is the difficulty then take help from your friends or family. Hold your eyelid through your hand Upper and lower both eyelids and open the eye for allowing to your friends for the check. Also, you can round your eye for helps your friends.

When you are comfortable then give them to use a cotton swab or earbud for removing object form the eye. Also, invite them to water to flush the eye or eye drops.

Bottom Line

All these methods really help you and now you are know how to get something out of your eye easily. Don’t rub your eye after affected, if any glass or butter knife or something else gets into your eye then rubbing so dangerous. Comment us your queries and say which methods best for you.


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