How to do Dips at Home perfect way in 2020

How to do dips at home? and it’s really possible to work the right away. Yea its 100% true dips are not hard to do but don’t do in the wrong way. With using home equipment its really easy, but if you are a beginner then please follow some important thing or some guides which are written below. Guides help you to the right way to do for getting benefits fastly.

In some cases, we are don’t have time or don’t have money to go gym for workout daily. But here are explorer everything about Dips. If you want to develop yourself strongly then after reading this article “how to do dips at home” you became a pro of dips. You will do dips were with these tricks and methods.

Before starting a way to do dips you have to thinks about dips. We are starting from the beginning, If you know this then scroll down to see how to do dips at home best and easy way. After that, we are showing below dips different from other countries

What are Dips?

Dips performing are not hard easy and some simple steps you need to do. When you will do Dips at Home, only need two parallel bars which must be width apart of the shoulder.

how to do dips at home
how to do dips at home

Normally grasp properly both bars with your two-hand (right and left) and then steadily and slowly (as slow as possible, because “slow” given you butter result form the “first”) extend your arms and lift up your self. In order to steadily down lower yourself make sure elbows will be bent perfectly.

Not only the parallel bars you can use different materials in different situations. Which are added below, we hope that, helps you know batter way.

Dips have many benefits and 20 different types of dips you can do, not possible all dips at your home or outdoor. But basic dips you can do at any place like a kitchen, room, playground anywhere.

How many types dips

These 20 dips most popular in the World But the basics dips which is easy can do at your home both are showing below.

  • Band assisted dips
  • Jumping dips with negatives
  • Bench dips
  • Assisted dip machine
  • Pronated grip dips
  • Supinated grip dips
  • Gironda dips
  • Dip to leg raise
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  • Weighted dips
  • Band resisted dips
  • Weighted bench dips
  • Korean dips
  • Dips of side to side
  • Ring dips
  • Bulgarian dips
  • Reverse grip Gironda dips
  • Wall dips
  • Russian dips
  • Planch dips
  • One arm dips

How to do Dips at Home


dips at home

If you looking anywhere for doing front dips then the back of a straight couch is the best one. Just stand behind a couch and you ready to do.

It is the most unconventional way, the best way on how to do dips at home and it does work effectively.

How to do on couch

Place your every hand on the edge and with chest angled lower down. Lift up back and towards the front.

You can use or follow this strategy which definitely gives you a good result, the couch is normal materials. So almost everyone has it in your home, if not check our next strategy.


kitchen dips

When you want to look anywhere for dips, that time everywhere like possible to do. Every home has a kitchen and in the kitchen has a corner area “v” shape. It’s the right area for beginners mostly, you can try it. Don’t do if your body not fit into the empty space.

How to do in the kitchen counter

Place your every hand on each side of the corner. Then force on your hands and lift up your legs from the ground. In order up and down yourself slowly, knees should be bent.


Make sure the conner surface isn’t too slippery, otherwise it will be dangerous for you, be careful. I think its the best way to do if you care.

Now you can say muscle is built in the kitchen and next time when you aks how to do dips at home think kitchen your first preference.


how to do dips with chair
how to do dips at home
Dip Bar

If you have some chairs then perfectly you can at your home, make sure the hight of the chairs is the same when doing dips is possible yourself. But it will be easier for taller once.

You just have to use the backrest portion of the chairs, mainly two chairs you will need at once.

How to do with chair or bar

Before start, remember that in this strategy you will need very good core strength and fully focusable on your doing dips. And doing time keep tuck your legs up.

Your lower abs will help you to hold that position for some time. Also strict maintenance and motion.

Now you have a great option when you found how to dips at home, just do them as long as possible between two chairs. We prefer that, use the wood chair for batter grips.



If you live near any playground then this strategy only for you, go ahead to try out.
So next time, instead of thinking about how to dips at home, check out outdoor for best dips or exercise at any playground.

How to do dips in the park

Make sure that, playground or park has monkey bars or minimum a pair of parallel bars for doing dips.

I don’t think you need to teach at this time, image is already clear your queries. Just grip properly both hand sidebars and lift the Legs form the ground then fold it. At the same time do the force on your hands. That’s it now up and down slowly again and again.

Saw Horses

A pair of saw horses solve your problems about how to dips at home, have to purchase a pair of saw horses when you don’t have. They take small space when it not in use because is foldable.

Also, it might be the legs of your table, that care just you need a wood board which put down as a table.

But be sure the quality is good, well built and stable. Don’t use any low or cheap quality. You get a good quality saw horses pair under $50.

Random Parallel Object

I just found any two objects, which need to parallel each other and also need the same hight. We hope around your home you got anything like this.

Its cloud be possible like the dresser and the bed’s footboard both are similar hight and you can easily do your dips in your own room. Next time don’t ask how to dips at home because you can easily possibly anywhere.

How to do dips with a random object

In this case, if you are using any low hight object like furniture at that time. Push your body upside then down and behind you bent your knees same time.

So what you found as your doing parallel object write down in the comment section we are excited to know.

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Bottom Line

How to do dips at home now you know if you read this article. If you face or you have any queries about dips at Home then please comment on us. We will happy to reply to your comments. Thank you for reading How to do Dips at Home.


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