How to crack your upper back 10 best ways to relief from back pain

Crack your upper back is quite simple and easy. Many people cracking every day to feel better. We are a proper guide you with 10 ways to do, how to crack your upper back right way. Some time joints of the knees, wrists, elbows properly not move, that time these 10 ways make your life better and easy relife.

Why are you hear the cracking or popping noise after cracks your back or joints? It’s because of air Pockets. When suddenly moving joints bone the air pockets react with that noise. If you add crack your upper back in your exercise then a noticeable difference can see in your life, which always feels good.

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How to crack your upper back 10 best ways

Sitting Rotation Exercises

Sitting Rotation Exercises

Sitting rotating is the easiest exercise to crack your upper back. The AAOS (American Aca demy of Orthopedic Surgeons) always recommends this exercise. Don’t need any equipment Just sit on the flow or ground and follow our step to perform your self.


How to perform sitting rotation exercises at home

  • At the first sitting on the floor and straight legs in front of the body, then cross the right leg over the left leg (one leg cross over another leg).
  • Just for support, need to place right-hand behind your body and slowly twist toward the bent right leg as much as you can.
  • From that position place the left arm on the outside and twist a bit of more right leg.
  • Hold that stretch position around 30-40 seconds and repeat 5 times each side.

Bridge exercise to crack your upper back

So bridge exercise is a little bit de difficult if you compare it with others. I think that’s why peoples want to skip it. But bridge workout has so many benefits you would be trying out once. I ensure you it just looks hard actually is not. Don’t need any equipment to perform.

How to perform bridge exercise at home

  • Simply lie on the floor and straight out the legs. Bent your knees as much you can.
  • Straight your hands and touch on the ground for support.
  • Create a little pressure with your hands and raise the hips toward the upper. Until they align with the thighs and torso should try lifting more.
  • Hold 30-40 seconds when you align with the thighs and torso and then down the hips slowly to the ground.

Medicine ball exercise

Easily you can get a medicine ball on amazon (click to check the price). It’s the best investment if you want to buy, you can crack your upper back, middle back as well lower back also. You may have seen it in the gym.

How to use a medicine ball to crack your upper back


We are divided into 3 sections which are crack upper back, crack middle back, and crack lower back for your better understanding.

Upper Back Section
  • At first, kneel in front of the medicine ball and slowly move out the ball. should be lean further with the ball move out.
  • When the ball fully out of your holding then allow your center back and upper back to stretch. Hold some time as much you can then relax, repeat 5 times at once.

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Middle Back Section
  • You need to sit on the medicine ball to crack the middle back. After gently leaning towards the ball, move your legs outwards, and then put your middle back on top of the ball.
  • That position completely relaxes on the ball and slowly moves backward and forward by the bits of the help of your legs.
  • As a result for your this, the ball can push different parts.
Lower Back Section
  • Lie on your abdomen on top of the exercise ball and touch the ground by toes. But remember don’t touch your knees on the floor.
  • Relax your back muscles and arms on the medicine ball. You can buy it on amazon by click here.

Kneeling back exercise

how to crack your upper back
Kneeling back exercise

“Kneeling back” is the Doctor’s recommended one of the best exercises for the crack upper back. Easy to perform without any equipment and everyone can try to do it. If there is a pain in the knee then it would be wise to avoid it.

How to perform kneeling back exercise at home

  • Sitting on the knees and put your hands on the floor on the front of your face.
  • Move your body backward down the hips to touch with the ankle and the same time leans the front part of the body down.
  • Hold 5-10 seconds and move to return position, repeat 5 times at once.

How to use Wall corner

It’s not an exercise but it effectively gives you the result. But maybe you think about how? It’s very simple just stand up straight in front of the corner with touching your backside.

Push backward through the arms to get the right position. Hold 30 seconds then relax, repeat 5-10 times. You can get relief from any back pain to crack your upper back.

Bottom Line

These exercises can crack your upper back very well. You can choose which is suitable and easier for you. Both are effective give you result, don’t need to worry. The certified physicians can suggest these for any back pain and crack your upper back.


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