How to Cook Lentils easy and Healthy Quickly

How to cook lentils, if are you thinking its hard or a little bit of difficulty to make. Then sorry to say you are wrong it’s too easy to cook, and happy to say that everyone can cook it easily with this grateful recipe. If you have ideas or you know how to cook rich then you also know how to cook lentils. You can check here if you don’t know how to cook rice.

Alose remembers ration of lentils and liquid when you go to cook lentils, which is 1:2. Ration change or make your cooking much better. When you take 1 cup of dry lentils then you need 2 cups of cooking liquid according to the Ratio.

How to Cook Lentils

After that simmering on low flame until colors are a little bit change or tender. Next, you need some free time to check the best and well lentils, its really workable on the test. Because Lentils can get mushy very fastly and literally there’s not good for health and test also.

How to Cook Lentils
Add fresh paper

Rinse them until clear

All lentils into a fine mesh strainer wellness and until came clear water rinse under cold water.

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How to Boil

After done, take a pot and add your lentils and add 2 cups of water. (Here we are taking 1 cup of lentils that’s why we are getting 2 cups of water). Also, you can be getting chicken stock Instead of water which is much better. Add half teaspoon of salt. Boil it medium flame when boiling complete, reduce the flame to low and cover the pot.


The process to simmer

How to Cook Lentils
cook lentils

Now its simmer time, you have to simmer until your lentils are soft but not falling single apart its take around 20 minutes. After 20 minutes if your lentils are not soft then check them after every 5 minutes done or not.

Next strain out excess liquid if any have then season lentils, however, you desire.
Paprika and bolder cumin combo are so delicious from other combos but i like with some good olive oil and pepper, salt.


  • 1 cup green lentils
  • 2 cups of water
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Salt

How to make

At first Rinse lentils in a well fine mesh strainer. Take a medium-size pot with medium heat. Then add into the pot water and lentils and salt as you like. Reduce heat when start boiling and cover. And cover the pot and simmer until 20 minutes. After bowel, if has excess water then drain from lentils. Now add salt and pepper and serve it.

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Bottom Line

Now maybe you are know how to cook lentils, here we are showing the best easy and time-saving way of healthy. If you have any queries about how to cook lentils or lentils then don’t forget to write down your comment. Thank you for reading.


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