How to cook barley and 5 Befinits on 2020

How to cook barley at home with simple ingredients But before going to the recipe you have to know some important things about barley. Mostly we are using two types of barley. Hulled barley and Pearl barley, here we are showing both barley recipes.

Barley’s first time discover from Egypt, Ethiopia near east. We are also talking about nutrition, calories of barley. Many different ways have to cook barley but here we are showing the most popular, healthy and easy method.

How to Cook Barley

how to cook barley
how to cook barley

Two differents barley are normally eating. so we are first watching Pearl barley recipe and then next watch hulled barley recipe. you can also check the video which is added below the recipe for batter known. We are making a table of Barley Nutrition check out below.

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How to cook Pearl barley

At first, we need some ingredients, lest see which are we needed.


  • Pearl Barley: 1 cup
  • Water :3 cup
  • Salt as your taste

How to make

  1. Take some freshwater for washing pearl barley (its water not added in the ingredients list). Until clean wash welly with normal freshwater.
  2. When Pearl barley clean then put in a normal size pot. added 1 cup water for a boil on high flame. Also, add salt and wait some time for the boil, taking time 30-40 minutes if you’re over low heat.
  3. After boiling its ready to eat you can serve with hot which tests more batter form cold boil barley.
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Barley Nutrition chart

Nutrient Pearl Barley (Per 100 grams) Hulled Barley (Pre 100 grams)
Energy352 grams354 calories
Protein9.9 grams12.5 grams
Fat1.2 grams2.3 grams
Carbohydrate77.7 grams73.5 grams
Fiber15.6 grams17.3 grams
Potassium280 milligrams452 milligrams
Phosphorus221 milligrams264 milligrams
Magnesium79 milligrams133 milligrams
Calcium29 milligrams33 milligrams
Sodium9 milligrams12 milligrams
Iron2.5 milligrams3.6 milligrams
Manganese1.32 milligrams1.9 milligrams
Selenium37.7 micrograms37.7 micrograms
Folate23 micrograms19 micrograms

How to cook Hulled Barley

Before starting wash the hulled barley with water and drain well. Then take a pan and boil 1.5 cups water when water came heate then add hulled barley and boil with low flame or heat. Cover the pan and simmer for 50-60 minutes.

After that time you have to check kernel is eatable or not, which means starchy or hard. If the kernel is still hard then boil again for 12-18 minutes. When water wet properly then it’s ready to eat.

How many Nutrition in Cook hulled barley.

Fat0.5 Grams
Calories 28 Kilocalorie (kcal)
Carbohydrates17 Grams
Protein2.9 Grams
Fiber4 Grams
Glycemic FreeNo
Glycemic Index (GI)Low (only for hulled form)

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How to make barley water

how to cook barley water
how to cook barley water

Its really easy to make and so many benefits you get from it. A lot of people added lemon for a little bit of batter taste.


Using this ingredient you can make 6 cups of barley water with lemon. And we are recommended to use pearly barley for good taste.

Don’t forget
  • Pearl barley: 3/4 cup
  • Lemons : 2 pics (lemon juice and lemon peel)
  • Honey: 1-2 cup
  • Water: 6 cups

How to make

  1. Clean the pearl barley with cold water until water runs clear. Next, take a saucepan and put the barley and add 6 cups of water and peel barley.
  2. The barley mixture boil over a medium level heat, After 20 minutes turn down the heat to a low level or off and simmer to and bowl.
  3. After putting in the bowl now discard the pearl barley. Next, add honey and mix very well before the cold.
  4. Fill bottles and put into the refrigerate until chilled, Because it’s too tasty of chilled.

5 Barley Benefits for your health

Benefits of barley
Benefits of barley
Weight Loss

Its definitely you know if you lost your weight. Because of several kinds of essential amino acids and fiber content. Also, barley control your blood sugar levels.

Barley compared to other grains is definitely low in calories and that time also makes a satisfactory meal. This satisfactory meal helping a long time, so you don’t need to eat constantly.

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Repair Body Tissue and Develop

Barley has phosphorus, this Phosphorus aids cell regeneration. and also phosphorus helps in forming bones of our body. so when our cell regeneration then health came to batter much batter.

Reduce fat

Frits time a Japanese discover these health benefits. In there study when the Japanese followed 44 men who have high cholesterol and they found barley in their diet which reduce visceral fat and cholesterol.

Reduce the risk of cancer

All kind of Barley is rich in plant lignans which truly Protect against breast and another hormone for cancer and also as well as heart disease. It helps to stabilize your blood pressure very well. Barley as like medicine for Heart disease and cancer patients.

Blood pressure Stabilize

If you want to control your blood pressure then barley is one of the healthy food ever. It stabilizes your blood pressure and as well as reduces blood pressure.

Bottom line

How to cook barley now its easy for you, maybe also you knew here how many benefits Barkey given us. So keep eating barley for batter healthy life with your family. Comment us your queries about “How to cook barley”.


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