How to Cancel Blue Apron easy way to do

how to cancel a blue apron if you want to do or want to know when you came to the right place. Here we are showing you steps by steps how do I cancel blue apron not a single way, 3 Different way which you can use as your preferences. The most popular meal subscription service which delivers at your home is Blue Apron.

Blue Apron is one of the best food delivery websites. Various are people are using this service but sone kind of people like you and I have to do, how to cancel a blue apron. Quality of meal is alose good and healthy, Now you get the option to return, If any of the time you are out of your home then you return your meal which chargers around $8.85 per delivery.

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How to Cancel Blue Apron

how to cancel blue apron
how to cancel blue apron

In the Terms and conditions page of Blue Apron Mention that if you want to quit your meal or order then you have to email to the company and then Conpay replies to you for further instructions which better to do.

Yea All these tricks workable it’s not my opinion a couple of people tried this for there cancelation for Blue Apron.


If you want to hold your subscription at any time without cancel your account. Find out the best option for holding your subscription here.

Easily you are able to change any of the orders that are waiting at the time of cancellation.

How do I cancel blue apron by Phone

Step 1

Contact or Call to Blue Apron customer service at 1888-2784-49 and let him why you want to cancel your subscription.

Step 2

Hear the way which is told you from customer service how to cancel blue apron and do well.


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how to cancel blue apron subscription by online Portal

Step 1

Go to Official site of Blue apron and go to cancel subscription page or you can go through click here

Step 2

After open page follows the process one by one which on your screen.

Cancellation by Email

In this, the best to do yea its take a little of a long time but its most time workable and also the company says this method for your cancellation.

Step 1

You have to write an Email and sent to customer service at

Step 2

Just wait for an email replay. When you receive you will see all Necessary steps to cancel provide from Blue Apron

Step 3

 how to cancel blue apron account
how to cancel blue apron account

Follow all instructions which including in the Email.

Cost of Blue Apron subscriptions

The two-person strategy provides three recipes a week that serve two people. The whole week, the Blue Apron cost comes to $59.94-$9.99 a serving.

In a family program, readers receive two recipes a week that serve four individuals. Every week’s worth of recipes, the Blue Apron pricing comes to $69.92, – $8.74 each serving.

  • Clients have the option of canceling at any time or picking out of a week’s dishes if they do not like that week’s available selection. To be able to jump out from per week, customers need to give notice a week in advance.

In case you’ve got a relatively predictable program, the cancellation policy that comes with the Blue Apron meals cost is a fair deal, although it can be a bit of an issue if inevitable, last-minute problems come up.

How to live without Blue Apron if you have a busy life

All these food providers should be great. What’s not to love? To my mind, everything. Since when did buying your food and finding a recipe turned into such hard work? Since when did surfing a grocery store for fresh produce become so tiresome?

The advertising blurb says Blue Apron sends you higher quality meals at a better value,’By cutting out the middle man and delivering ingredients in their freshest.’ Better value than what? Higher quality food compared to what?

  • What’s having components sit in a box for 24 -48 hours fresher than picking it up at the grocery store?

On average, Blue Apron prices you about $60 a week for three meals for two people. That means you still have to go grocery shopping and still have to plan four other dinners and seven lunches and cover them.

  • Therefore it is not as though you will not be going grocery shopping anyhow. Additionally, if you’re single, Blue Apron does not even appeal to you.
  • If you are busy and we all are, you’re still able to eat easily without relying on costly services such as this one.

Bottom Line

How to cancel blue apron, this all is effection tricks or methods which people are already used in the past. If you face any kind of problem about how do I cancel blue apron please comment below we will happy to solve your issue. If this article helps share with your friends and family to know how to cancel a blue apron.


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