How many carbs in cornbread and other nutrition charts

How many carbs in cornbread and its healthy? it’s a normal question but if you don’t know then welcome to showing all the details. Many people like to eat Cornbread pair with chili for some amazing reason. Its definitely greate and healthy form other grilled meats or barbecue.

We are showing below the exact true cars and nutrition details when you made cornbread at your home. If you try to make it with so easy and healthy way then our recipes definitely help you lot. if you candied person you have to know How many carbs in cornbread before eat or make.

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How many carbs in cornbread

Because of this time massive of people health conscious. Now a massive number of girls


Here we have listed all details of how many carbs in cornbread and other nutrition. This nutrition chart base on Middle size Cornbread, as like which I make below.

how many carbs in cornbread
how many carbs in cornbread

Saturated fat1.149 grams
Polyunsaturated fat2.546 grams
Monounsaturated fat1.996 grams
Cholesterol26 miligrams
Sodium317 miligrams
Carbohydrate27.47 grams
Calcium130 miligrams
lron1.59 miligrams
Potassium89 miligrams
Vitamin A94IU

Now after knowing all details about cornbread, now check What’s the healthy recipes.

Ingredients which you need

Flour1 cup
Yellow cornmeal1 cup
Granulated sugar1 teaspoon
Salt1 teaspoon
Baking powder 3 1/2 teaspoons
Melted butter or nenutral oil1/3 cup
Large egg1 pic
Milk1 cup

How to make

how many carbs in cornbread
  • Take a 9 inch round cake pan and grease inside everywhere. Heat up the oven to 400 degrees.
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  • Now its time to mix ingredients with each other, so take a medium mixing bowl. Add the sugar, cornmeal, salt, baking powder, and flour. After adding ingredients mix very well.
  • After the mix, make a well in the center of the bowl with these dry ingredients mixture. Next add butter or oil (as you prefer) and egg, milk also. Mix before the mixture came together and little bit lumps remaining.

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  • Then the mixing batter pours into that grease cake pan and bakes about 20-25 minutes after the period checks the color will deep golden brown or not, if yes that means it’s ready.
  • For cames out, cleanly put a toothpick inside into the center. Now serve hot hot.

Bottom line

how many carbs in cornbread and other nutrition is enough details to know everything about cornbread? Peoples are like and it came to a very amazing test. But some people skip for about carbs. Because people came to diets and fitness. So as our recommendation don’t skip because of Cornbread its safe for diets people. Thank you for reading.


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