how long for soft boiled egg? Steps guide

How long for soft boiled egg, or how long time need to hard-boiled an egg? its a really common question. The answer is 12 minutes, but not for all time, it depends on your boiling style or precesses. But don’t worry here we guide you for Perfect hard-boiled egg.

When eggs cames to boil timing everything for perfect nutrition, Below section, we have added a chart of hard boil egg nutrition. After known right time with the right method then needs how long are hard-boiled eggs good for eating. Don’t worry about, we are guiding for everything about the egg.

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How long for soft boiled egg

how long do hard boiled eggs last
how long do hard boiled eggs last

If you want to cook hard boiled eggs then perfect method below

How to cook perfect boiled eggs

Step 1

Take a medium or large pan or saucepan and put raw eggs in the bottom. Fill with water to about 2 inches (recommended) over the egg’s head.

Step 2

Next, place the saucepan on high flame or heat before to boil. remove heat to low and cover the pan, wait for 12 minutes maximum


Step 3

Now put the eggs into the cold water for temperature down or you can use cold water also then peel the boiled eggs and enjoy your hard-boiled egg.

Don’t cook egg this way

  • Don’t Overcook egg, when you see the yolk color turn a greenish-gray that means, its overcook. When yolk color yellow, then egg cooks perfectly.

Don’t cook the cold egg with boiling water. Here I say, Most of the time, when we are busy or normally throw cold eggs into boiling water, avoid this method. Because The egg’s temperature can lead to “shocked” or even worse cracked or unevenly cooked when temperature sudden change.

Boiled Egg Nutrition

hard boiled eggs
hard boiled eggs

Yes, eggs good for us but how good are you know? so, here we are showing the nutrition chart of a single egg. Please note, this information only about a hard-boiled egg.

Nutrition Daily Recommended AmountGrams
Fats7%5 grams
Sodium2%63 milligrams
Potassium1%63 milligrams
Cholesterol62%187 milligrams
Vitamin A5%-

The time which you need

If you need Soft boiled egg
Leave the eggs into the water4 to 5 Minutes
IF you need the slightly firmer yolk
Leave the egg into the water6 Minutes
IF you need Firm yolk
Leave the egg into the water10 Minutes

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Hard-boiled egg

How long are hard-boiled eggs good for eating

how long are hard boiled eggs good for
how long are hard boiled eggs good for

A lot of people want to know how many time eggs store. We all know eggs to store in refrigerators or freezer But are you know how many days? here we solve your queries about this. Some people store in Freezer, let’s go to see which temperature needs to stay a long time, and which is batter Refrigerator or Freezer.

IF use Refrigerator

When you store in Refrigerator then the temperature needs a maximum of 5°C (40°F) or less. Also, you can use egg original carton to store. The carton helps moisture loss and protects from other food flavors.

Before using any refrigerated eggs, wash with water and drain because whole egg yolks prevent drying out.

If you store raw eggs after removed their shells then covered tightly container before storing in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator storage table
(2°C to 5°C) or (35.5°F to 41°F)
Boiled eggs (In shell)Maximum 1 week
Boiled eggs (without shell or peeled)Maximum 1 day
Raw egg yolksMaximum 2 days
Raw egg whitesMaximum 4 days
Whole raw eggs (slightly beaten)Maximum 2 days
Whole raw eggs (in shell)3-4 weeks after purchase

IF use Freezer

When you have more amounts of eggs then you can freeze them for a few weeks. We are recommended only fresh and clean eggs stored. Place eggs inside the freezer containers and seal with labels tightly and also add the number of eggs etc, for finding purpose.

Below the table showing how long do hard-boiled eggs last or raw eggs or normal eggs stored in the freezer.

Freezer storage table
EggsFreezer (-10°C to 1°C)
Boiled eggs (In shell)Not recommended
Boiled eggs (without shell or peeled)Not recommended
Whole raw eggs (In shell)Not recommended from us
Whole raw eggs (Slightly Beaten)Maximum 1 year
Raw egg whitesMaximum 1 year
Raw egg yolksMaximum 1 year

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