Green tea shot make with new style 2020

Green tea shot is a famous cocktail in the World and its also simple to make which easier for everyone. Normally cocktails are don’t provide any benefits on our health but green tea shots also provide some health benefits. But inside this cocktail not use green tea, so why people call green tea shots?

If you are along or with your friends then trying to make a green tea shot, its really wonderful drink for us. The Jameson whiskey company invented, but when you don’t have Jameson whiskey then easily take any substitute which is your fevered like Irish, Japanese, American whiskey, etc. We are covered every step about green tea stay with us.

Green tea shot

What is a green tea shot?

Before taking your green tea shot, you should know what is it? It is also famous with the “Jameson tea shot” name. But Important think there have no green tea ingredients.

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Jameson used 4 main ingredients Jameson whiskey, sour mix, sprite dash, and peach schnapps. The color of the cocktail is looking likes the same with green tea, its the only reason.

The making or mixing ration of ingredients covered the below section. Basically, the green tea shot mostly like for summer seasons because of the fruity test and refreshing taste make it a perfect summer cocktail.

Also, it’s perfectly calm your nerves and your night outs more fun and refreshing.

Jameson Whiskey

Green Tea Shot Recipe:

Green tea shot recipe is really easy which I told you above, you just need 3-4 ingredients to make. Also, you can add some extra if you think. We are showing Ingredients for making one glass. In the U.S. The most peoples are like to use Jameson Irish Whiskey, but you can use your fevered whiskey as well.

Green Tea Shot Ingredients:

We also need a shaker for a proper mix of all ingredients. Mint and lime only for garnishing purposes. If you are a whiskey lover then shaker you have.

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green tea shot
green tea shot

How to make:

Take a shaker and fill with some ice cubes. (If you don’ have a shaker then you can avoid and mix as your preferred style.)

After ice, now add peach schnapps, sour mixer and Irish whiskey with proper quantity, all should equal quantities. (Example: You can calculate with 15ml ingredients for a shot then 45 ml makes 3 glass of green tea shot.)

Next, shake properly to mix or combine each with others and also shot cool down for ice cube.

When done, pour into small beakers glass or shot glasses (don’t pour ice into the glasses). Now you can enjoy but also if you offering someone then add lemon and lime soda on the top of the glass (Which looks wonderful).

But many substitutes is available and those are also good, peoples likes, so we are cover some other ways you can mix the green tea shot. But before that, you should know some Nutrition and calories of this cocktail.

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