10 Cream Cheese Substitute for Best your Health

Cream cheese substitute most peoples most want to know. Because cream cheese is dairy products. That’s way alternative is also important, that every cream cheese substitute is acceptable on a daily basis. I hope almost everyone tries to find a good cream cheese substitute which is light and low fat.

So, here we are covered most healthy substitute for cream cheese and flavor is also not as rich. Normally cream cheese is high in fat and unsuitable for those people who are in the gym or the following diet properly for staying in perfect shape. Don’t take any worry this cream cheese substitute really helps you to get batter one.

10 Best Cream cheese substitute

Before starting our list let’s go to check out a little bit of about cream cheese and also about their nutrition. I think you know, but if any don’t know then it will help him.

Cream cheese coconut

Coconut is nutritional and butter yeast as bases, using coconut milk butter or cream cheese is I think is the best cream cheese substitute because of its nut-free and non-dirty variety cream cheese.

Now if you think its making harder, that really not, making precess so simple and easy. Coconut cream cheese is smooth, creamy and out rich, you can be found in many stores.

How to make coconut cream cheese


400gm can full-fat unsweetened coconut milk or coconut
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
4 teaspoons yeast (optional for batter flavor)

Directions to make

Open the refrigerated cream or coconut milk take out the top solids layer through a spoon and put it into a medium bowl. You can also save the remaining liquid for smoothies.

Next, take a mixer and mix everything like, lemon juice nutrition yeast and sea salt.

When done, refrigerate until firm. In a single night, its perfectly set and serving to your morning breakfast.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese like standard cheese creams which is a little bit of cholesterol and artery-clogging fat. Basically, this cream cheese substitute is due to availability or flavor.

Normally Ricotta is firmer, sweetness and has a grinder texture. This texture makes it good for baking. If you like creamier texture then adding plain yogurt which perfectly works.

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