4 Best Chicken Stock Substitute

Chicken stock substitute really you need? are you found the right one? Don’t we are given the right solution to your problems. These 4 Vegetarian Substitutes for Chicken stock perfectly suitable when you have a vegetarian kitchen. The huge amount of recipes uses chicken stock and many times its necessary to add. So, why it really need to know the best chicken stock substitute.

4 Best Chicken Stock Substitute

Vegetable Broth

chicken stock substitute
Vegetable Broth

The best chicken stock substitute vegetable broth, it’s perfect because of the flavor and healthy protein enough then chicken. You can also use it in your favorite dishes.

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Making steps really simple just need to add vegetable which you like or which you have in your Freezer. The secret of hearty and rich is roasting. Now you are queries to know you can make let’s see.

Ingredients which you need:

Olive oil2 Tablespoons
Onions (cut into wedges)2 pics
Celery ribs (cut into 1 inch)2 pices
Separated by peeled and cloves1 whole garlic bulb
Leeks (green and white part)3 pics
Carrots (cut into medium pics)3 pics
Water8 cups
Mushrooms230 grams
Parsley Sprigs1 cup
Thyme4 sprigs
Salt1 teaspoon
Whole peppercorns1/2 teaspoon
Bay leaf1 pic

How to make vegetable broth or stock

Our vegetable broth recipe starts by cooking vegetables. We hope you are cut everyone according to the ingredients table. Then let,s see the cooking process.

Step 1:

Take a stockpot and heat oil on medium flame, wait until proper hot. You should keep it shimmer. So first add 3 main ingredients garlic, celery, and onions. Until tender, stir and cook on medium heat for 5-8 minutes.

After a whiff the post you get the amazing smell. Then you should add the next ingredients carrots and leeks and cook another 6 minutes to mix all flavor each other.

Step 2:

Now we come to the second step where we need to pour water, salt, peppercorns, parsley, mushrooms, bay leaf, and thyme. After adding all remaining ingredients, now reduce heat. Wait for a minimum 1-hour and leave it uncovered.

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After complete during the period, your vegetable broth ready to use as a chicken stock substitute. But before that, remove the stock from the pot. Now if you think about longer use, then if you should be stored in refrigerated 3-4 days maximum.

Vegetable Broth Nutrition

Fat 0.4grams
Cholesterol0 grams
Sodium2001 miligrams
Potassium132 milligrams
Protein1.5 grams
Vitamin A39%
Vitamin C4.5%


chicken stock substitute herbs
best chicken stock substitute Herbs recipe

Herbs a good option as a chicken stock substitute for any dish. But don’t forget dried herbs are always more strong from fresh herbs. The herbs and water combination is the same work that the chicken stock did. Now take a look at how you can make perfectly herbs.

Ingredients which you need:

Steams and leaves of each one (parsley, basil, chives, summer savory and thyme)3-4 pics
Cold water2-3 cups
Peeled and chopped1 Potato
SaltDepend of taste

How to make Herb stock

We think this is most easier than ever. At first, take a saucepan the put the herbs after wash and drying then mash with help of a spoon. Next add all ingredients potato, salt, water, and others. Wait for boiling water, then reduce heat and pure a bowl. Now you can enjoy it because it’s now ready to use.


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