10 Vanilla essential oil benefits in 2020

Vanilla essential oil benefits are truly helpful for us, here we are cover 15 most helpful benefits. If you are scared to use for any side effect we also cover that, the part after discussing vanilla essential oil benefits. Actually the properties like aphrodisiac, febrifuge, sedative, an antidepressant can do your health batter.

Vanilla is the most popular flavors in the world and well recognizable as scents also.
Easily reproduced the vanilla flavor with some synthetic chemicals but the pure vanilla always remains at hight price and high demand. It’s all because of the plant growing difficulty. Not only flavor, but also vanilla essential oil benefits which next level for us, and we briefly discuss below.

What is Vanilla essential oil?

We don’t think, you got anything such as Vanilla essential oil. Main point vanilla essential oil doesn’t have perfect substitution. Because the vanilla essence extraction process is different after that, start the final process of essential oil extracts. The processes are cold-pressing, steam distillation and expeller.
All these methods are can’t be used vanilla bean pods. That means, vanilla essential oil not pure.


Only pure vanilla extract by way of using a solvent or co2 extraction. If you are choosing any of them, these extracts are the vanillin concentration which is a more potent product.


So normally when you are discussing vanilla essential oil, keep remembering you should take the high vanillin concentration (minimum 20% or higher) for natural vanilla essential oil benefits. Also, use alcohol to extract thick properly.

Vanilla essential oil benefits

Different of vanilla essential oil

Three types of vanilla are used to making vanilla essential oil. CO2 extract, Oleoresin, Absolute, Both are discussed below.


It is mostly used in body products, this method takes the help of the solvent for extracting. Because this substance is to thicky from others.


A semi-solid resin which extracted through again solvent from vanilla bean pods. Its residue in products because it’s not mixed completely with carrier oils.


A concentrate extracted through CO2 (carbon dioxide) from vanilla bean pods then dissolves carrier oils. From all these methods only this can be diffused.

Vanilla essential oil benefits

Infections Healing

No dought, Infections healing work for two components which are including in vanilla oil that is eugenol and vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde. It has the ability to do respiratory infections successfully and skin heal. The eugenol and vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde both are combating infectious and these conditions for bacteria and fungi.


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